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debugs , Steam Library (Beta) gets a release date, Humble RPG Bundles, and open-source Star Wars: Racing on !

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Strains labeled as indica were compared with those labeled as sativa and no evidence was found that these two cultivars are distinctly different chemotypes.

After installing a new peripheral component interconnect express device it is customary to give the case the occasional sniff test.

The $40 Intensity Pro Ebay gamble makes with the working! Took a minute to get it talking to the DSLR but hey, $40.

HIVESWAP: Act 1, Deep Sky Derelicts, Tyranny, and Pillars of Eternity are the titles in the Humble RPG Bundle.

When someone empties all their need to duck.

Valve heads to court, EasyAntiCheat comes to War Thunder, Proton adds support for old VR titles, and Super Mario 64 decompilation!

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turns 28! adds support for Bluez5, wants to fatten up the kernel, and tracking USB bandwidth usage for fun and profit.

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