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Proton now ships with the experimental Vulkan-based Direct3D 9 renderer D9VK. Let’s get it enabled and see what it’s capable of.

A special unicorn has arrived on ! GamerOS brings ’s Big Picture to , Red Hat talks about gaming, and AMD 5700 XT Linux benchmarks.

And there we have it. Audio & video over the LAN using NDI. There is some mental spaghetti routing going on, but it works.

brings back support for XFS, debunks reports of a critical security issue, Firefox adds breach protection, and the CTO of does an AMA.

Cortex Command goes open source! CoreCtrl simplifies gaming profiles, gaming performance vs Windows 10, and Valve is working on something code-named Citadel.

The low-light performance of the D3400 is, acceptable. Only one OMGITBURNS studio light on. Granted, being able to see might take some of the sport out of it.

I really hope the trend of disapproving common science dies down.

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