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To celebrate the 4.2 release, we're having a 50% off sale of Digital Atelier tutorials and brushes, now at € 19,95!

II running on the RTX 2060 with everything on 11 is getting 30-ish @1080 on .

Seeing the Bethesda logo is, strange.

Counting penguins with Pi’s! Shuttleworth talks business, profiling shell, and three new laptops from DELL.

Unity Editor for enters preview, gets a performance boost, and Iron Maiden is suing the makers of ‘Ion Maiden’.

Doing that thing where we learn how to Blender only to forget everything. Again.

Not a fan of turn-based strategy multiplayer board games? How about turn-based strategy multiplayer board games with cute little animals murderating one another?

introduces sponsors! Dstat comes to an end, Ubuntu ships proprietary drivers, and the Antergos community enters their next stage.

Ever think to yourself, “Ya know what Darkest Dungeon is missing? Cat ears!” If you did, Vambrace: Cold Soul has you covered. Pedro attempts to make the fur fly.

Thus concludes our digital conversion. 4 sound cards, 2 USB cables, and 4 1/4 cables replaced with two ethernoodles and one 10G SFP+ link.

GOG GALAXY 2.0 wishes Linux users peace among worlds! teases something Super, Proton grants DXVK wishes, and PCSX2 Finally gets netplay.

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