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SteamEMU is open sourced! DXVK rolls back that 1.1, Unity Editor for is now in Preview, and Super Tux Kart reaches 1.0 🏎️

Xfce is back in openSUSE! MPEG returns to Fedora, installing LXDE on your kindle, and a chat with Katherine Druckman from Journal.

I hate it when things get hit by a lightning. Or two lightnings.

Has to setup QOS on some light bulbs.

That's an odd thing to type.

The ability to destroy a planet is insignificant next to the power of a Colt 45.

Here I am tooling around (poorly) in Serious Duke 3D. A remake of the first episode of Duke Nukem 3D using the powered Serious Engine on .

Pedro is live tinkering with that wacky Proton thing. Something about internet Sword painting... or something,

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