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The Borderlands HD update is coming to ! DXVK hits 1.0.2, SuperTuxKart has a new release candidate, and the problems with Epic Store exclusives. Then Crashbots faces the CHAIRAQSITION!

Special thanks to:
Haplo (1K PSU from the wishzone)

Laugh tracks were recorded decades ago. That's the sound of ghosts laughing now.

Never attack an uphill position and stay in your weight class.

get a boost, Edge hints at support, tiling window managers for , and we chat with Luis Falcon MD President of GNU Health.

In 1999 Unreal Tournament was one of the few commercial games available on . Can you still have fun with it in 2019? Let’s find out!

Unreal Tournament 99 "Retro" Pew Pew Night starts @ 8:30 EDT / 24:30 UTC. It should be, interesting.

7 new devices from ThinkPenguin receive FSF-certification, OpenShot 2.4.4 brings huge performance and stability improvements, nano 4.0 gets smooth, and CentOS needs your art. Then we chat with Chris Cornacchia Strategic Account Leader at GitLab.

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