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I'm half convinced PulseAudio is secretly a RNG latency generator.

No Proton this time around. Just a game which took its time to show up! @UnaccountedFour is live with some full-meal hippitus hoppitus Deus Domine

gaming is on life support!? Valve eyes Dota Auto Chess, The Talos Principle gets a Serious update, and music synced lighting for Steelseries gerbils.

And now we're on hour six of waiting for the Tubes to process a 45min 2160p / 60 video \:D/

Come watch some men grind on the internet. It's nowhere near as sexy as it sounds

Kali goes Bananas, System76 refreshes their Serval line, and PulseEffects attempts to make PulseAudio manageable... ish.

OBS Studio 23.0 RC1 for is looking for testers, RISC-V powered Fedoras, and using YouTube for cloud storage 💿

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