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text editor Kate is turning 20! GIMP introduces support for GTK3 & Wayland, adds a Kernel level kill-switch for webcams, and Davinci Resolve 17 (beta) comes to .

Where, and when, perception wins, reality loses.

Years ago we made a promise to complete every on using our powers of cooperation. Our powers of cooperation suck.

As is tradition.

Automatic updates for ProtonGE! Gabe sends a gnome to space, Never Split the Party goes full werewolf, Pyra begins shipping, and the Playstation 5 can out of the box. Podcast

I may sound contradictory when I say “each to their own” in the same sentence as “what the actual fuck”

Setting a GPON SFP to an MTU higher than 1500 on an RB3011 will crash and reboot the router

The Haas Effect, also sometimes called the precedence effect, is a psychoacoustic phenomenon that causes a listener to perceive a space and direction of a sound when there is a slight delay between stereo channels.

The Raspberry launches with 100% more keyboard! Snaps off XZ compression, teases their -V Linux PC, and nobody is abandoning the X server... yet.

I forgot to order a MicroUSB to adapter for their Zero. This gave me 48 hours to find a way in before it showed up.

Always leave room to add an explanation if it doesn't work out.

Step one is to simply realise that audio is just a big array of floats. Take your language of choice.

The Steamy sale is live! Black Mesa Definitive Edition enters beta, Mario comes to Vim, and is about to get a whole lot better.

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