The problem with gritty superheroes is that superheroes, as a concept, are silly.

The castle the French have been building over the last 26 years is gonna FK with future archaeologists.

Black Mesa: Definitive Edition is ready for public consumption but there’s a catch. Humble releases a Bundle for streamers, gets official support for tracing rays, GeForce NOW is headed to , and bans the banning.

A lot of the work of sounding good happens well before you start inserting plugins on a track.

Uncanny Valley: An off feeling because somewhere along human evolution they learned to be wary of things that look human... but weren't.

R_{00} - ½Rg_{00} = -{v_x^2(y^2 + z^2)/4det(g)^2r^2}×(df/dr)^2

Humble releases a filled Bundle! Steam teaches the to swipe left, Radeon RX 6800 benchmarks, and powered War Thunder. Then Butcher faces, the CahirQAsition. All this, plus your hate mail.

Github reinstates -dl! The Pine64 plays with Plasma, gets Enlightenment, and overclocking the Raspberry Pi 400.

ToeJam & Earl: Back in the Groove & Superhawt for $6 ! Out There, Moonlighter, and Sigma Theory are the other in the Bundle.

Some people drink gin because they are naturally angry.

Streets of Rage 4 comes to ! Steam adds support for the PlayStation 5 , Lutris releases a big update, and we attempt to unravel the fest.

Does Bo Katan not age? Obi Wan went all elderly and Bo's like "Naw."

Motorola 3055s used a planar epitaxial process, unlike earlier RCA parts, and modern OnSemi types are likely indistinguishable.

Thanks to the work of flibitijibibo Streets of Rage 4 is now available for ! There's even an experimental button if you're feeling particular brave. This is our adventure.

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