This week we're chatting about kernel 6.0, Debian firmware, Intel ARC GPUs, and open-source Vulkan drivers for NVIDIA!?

Intel announces Alchemist pricing, Google pulls the plug on , DBrand Killswitch could harm Steam Decks, hot AMD CPUs, and 0 A.D. Alpha 26 is ready for testing.

Chromebooks from Framework, Intel Arc GPU pricing, new AMD hotness, and non-code contributions to open-source projects.

Twitch is doing the DIAF thing so we're live on the Tubes today for LWDW.

Our weekly roundup of the latest news in under one hour twenty three minutes and fifty five seconds or less.

Configuring Mackie / MIDI CC control surfaces in Reaper & Ardour on .

nopes their GPU division, Steam improves their capture, CS:GO gets a performance bump, and fully functional DualSense haptics on .

opens Steam Deck service centers, 2K breaks Bioshock on , Bethesda deploys official servers for Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory, AMD announces FSR 2.1, and the Intel Arc deathwatch continues.

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