releases open-source GPU modules! Per-game performance profiles for , Duke Nukem Forever 2001 build leaks, RIP LHR, and Heroic Games Launcher gets 50 shades of pretty.

Fedora 36 launches with super Wayland powers! Thunderbird threatens to release on Android, miners defeat NVIDIA’S LHR, installing apps with Deb-Get, and a super-slick LED matrix for your Raspberry Pi.

Once you remove calibrated playback from the equation, loudness becomes less necessary to dictate.

After a month of tinkering with Reaper this is what the session for live streaming / recording looks like.

usage jumps in the latest Steam hardware survey, Microsoft 3D Movie Maker goes open-source, RDNA3 GPUs have AV1 encoding powers, Persona 4 Golden gets Steam Deck verified, and Epic puts Fortnite in a browser.

Dread Zeppelin was for people who were afraid to go see Gwar.

Quite a bit to cover this week. Lockscreens for , Collabora vs Bluetooth on , Ubuntu Snaps up Steam, emails, and a really cool hipster-pixel game.

Ubuntu 22.04 is ready for public consumption, Lineage 19 begins rolling out, taking the Snap out of Firefox, and Cooler Master made a Pi case?

The best rubber chicken cover of the Attack on Titan theme that you will see today.

Es ist vollkommen egal, wie langsam du voran kommst. Du überholst immer noch jeden, der gar nichts tut.

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