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Arts & Crafts day in the studio. Our ethernoodle audio setup learned a new trick... that will be tested in production tomorrow night 🔥

The new router has already locked me out in order to assert dominance.

Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor has a new Vulkan (beta) on so let’s see how it stacks up against and with a quick-and-dirty benchmark.

releases an experimental ZFS installer! Apple exploits sudo, launches two laptops with , and an open-source trackball that goes Ploop. Notes & podcast

Wanted to see if I could make our knockoff Stranger Things credits using Fusion in Davinci Resolve.

While educational... let’s never do that again.

Building a £300 Linux Gaming PC! 's 'Remote Play Together' brings local multiplayer games online, open-source GTA San Andreas, and we find out what it took to port to .

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