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might have to allow digital resales, Kernel 5.3 adds support for GPUs, Proton matches Windows performance in some DirectX games, and teaching your mouse new tricks on . Notes & podcast:

In this quick-and-dirty guide we’re using xvkbd to make our mouse buttons do strange and beautiful things on .

World of Classic cuts off users, prepares for Flatpak, adds some Epic terms and Blasphemous gives us an update on their Linux port. Show notes & podcast:

The $40 Intensity Pro Ebay gamble makes with the working! Took a minute to get it talking to the DSLR but hey, $40.

Valve heads to court, EasyAntiCheat comes to War Thunder, Proton adds support for old VR titles, and Super Mario 64 decompilation!

notes & :

turns 28! adds support for Bluez5, wants to fatten up the kernel, and tracking USB bandwidth usage for fun and profit.

Notes &

Another fascinating week in . CodeWeavers celebrates one year of ! Newgrounds talks about their open-source emulator, fills some zero-day security holes, and DLC for a 17 year old game?

Note & podcast:

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