That was a fun show. HPE’s powered supercomputer returns to earth! gets premium, Red Hat simplifies NVIDIA driver deployment, and a Jetson powered Linux tablet that’s easy to hack.

While this is by no means intended to be a guide it should give you an idea of how we stitch together an episode of LinuxGameCast Weekly.

This has been an annoyance for some time. Firefox & Thunderbird always open at the maximum width of the leftmost display .

II running on the RTX 2060 with everything on 11 is getting 30-ish @1080 on .

Seeing the Bethesda logo is, strange.

Counting penguins with Pi’s! Shuttleworth talks business, profiling shell, and three new laptops from DELL.

Unity Editor for enters preview, gets a performance boost, and Iron Maiden is suing the makers of ‘Ion Maiden’.

Doing that thing where we learn how to Blender only to forget everything. Again.

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