Configuring Mackie / MIDI CC control surfaces in Reaper & Ardour on .

We did the first Rings of Power / House of the Dragon spoilercast for our Patreon supporters.

Tinkering with the JSFX Live Loudness Normalizer. It can handle loudness normalization in realtime. A/B testing it against my Aphex Compellor.

The 5600G B350 experiment has come to an end. Jackbox now has a modern-ish mobo.

Took a bit on tinkering with rtirq but we've achieved stable. The RME AIO Pro Recorded LWDW without a blip.

24hrs later and I noticed the AIO Pro has +24dBu analogue/digital alignment.

No more RNG gain staging when adding outboard gear to a DAW.

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