Technical 🔥's aside, fun show this week. 4.14 is out! KDE Frameworks 5.61 fixes a nasty security vulnerability, 18.04 gets a new kernel, and finally sorts their mobile drivers?

Blackmagic has some solid support. That genuinely JustWorked™

Rust makes a second-class citizen! gets a version bump, learns to GitHub, Wii U Linux emulation, and celebrating 7 years of L.G.C. Show notes & podcast

During our mid-week break: Xfce 4.14pre3, apt vs apt-get, Manjaro clarifying the FreeOffice situation, and a robot eyes for your Raspberry Pi.

Had to pipe 6 channels of audio over the network into OBS so I could adjust latency per channel. It Just Worked™

New hotness, Daggerfall Unity enters alpha, moving the desktop to VR, and Valve wants to change the kernel.

Sometimes there's an effect that seems like it would be difficult to pull off. More often than not it's effectively a toggle-switch. Good on you, DaVinci.

Proton now ships with the experimental Vulkan-based Direct3D 9 renderer D9VK. Let’s get it enabled and see what it’s capable of.

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