The etymology of the transitive verb "86" is fascinating.

@Venn That is entirely subjective a I find another transitive verb of the modern day youth, coequally term as *"yeet"* or its past or past participle counterpart *"yeeted"* to be equally fascinating

@Orn A single verb can have both transitive and intransitive uses.

@Venn Indeed it can, like the earth can yeet into the sun or anything can yeet into the sun and be done with it


cool, verbs!
my question is:
is this your final mastodon handle @Orn or you gonna be switching them like @strider is switching sex partners?

@jackiemoon @Venn @strider Given that I'm not french nor do I possess a monarchist complex, no I will not be switching my Name per se, my handle will remain the same though

@Orn @Venn @strider
not that!
i mean your mastodon addres at

@jackiemoon @Orn @Venn hey! I do not change my sex partners that often!
This Mastodon username may have to go however.


we dont wanna know the numbers @strider !
even @Orn calls you sugar daddy.

dont you have morals?

@jackiemoon @Venn my morals are loose and flexible. It should also be noted that I'm not a sugar daddy, especially not to @Orn despite his username saying otherwise.

@jackiemoon @Venn @Orn thinking I'm a sugar daddy is really not knowing me very well. But some still wish I was theirs...

@strider @Orn @Venn

right?! right?! 👍

everbody wants a sugga daddy from silicon valley (broader cali area). even @Venn .

@Orn @strider @Venn

cant find a meatgrinder that is halal @Orn .
imma suicidal failure. could you help me out?

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