Strains labeled as indica were compared with those labeled as sativa and no evidence was found that these two cultivars are distinctly different chemotypes.


does that means my dealer lied to me the whole time about smell-o-types and taste-o-types?
i will kick frenchies (@strider) ass!

@jackiemoon @Venn It's more complex than indica vs sativa and I sure wish my last order hadn't come unlabeled with 4 different strains.

@jackiemoon @Venn I like to see Jack Herer, Train wreck and Green crack all on the same area in graphs (probably my personal top 3). The whole paper is really interesting!


I'm cool with straight edge, but does he knows that ethanol is vegan?

@Venn Okay, there's some evidence that they're the same. But what other madness will science give us today?

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