Tune in tomorrow for more of "I complain jibingly about my federated timeline"

Pony porn from @ZoeyGlobe, and baguette porn from @strider.

You two are just TOO predictable.

@ZoeyGlobe I continue to get weird looks in public, thanks to your pony porn in the federated timeline. Just thought you'd want to know. 😜

Yes, I made sure that they aren't just giving ME weird looks. I know that can be confusing.

Whilst wondering why there is pony porn on my federated timeline, I suddenly recall that there is a wild @ZoeyGlobe lurking about...

Whoever in LGC land subscribed to Skeletor first, thank you for introducing me to shitposter.club

@ZoeyGlobe@mastodon.technology I challenge to a code fuck-off: whose code is fuckier?


When Pedro's away, the @TheAtomicAss and rtheren will play. Or watch me play. You should too. linuxgamecast.com/live

So, I didn't think I'd be saying this, but yeah, I think the federated model of Mastodon might win out in the end.


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