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"I don't know how to use linux properly that is why I installed manjaro...."

.......what???????? whai!?, what did ubuntu ever do to you?, why were you in the wrong place?

when you boast that you use arch and pride yourself about being among the "elite" but can't use nano to change simple config file, maybe you should tone it down a notch there bud

Note to self and friends:

Never deal with Bangladeshi's with regards to project or any "work", you'll only regret it

Holy hell, I mean I get you can plagiarize some ideas from a project but a fully fledged blatant copy!?

I remember back in the day during the early days of gnome 3 making subtle changes to themes used to be a bitch, not so much nowadays

Maybe I was a bitch back then then again I am a randy ho'

Free software zealots:
"I only use free software because proprietary is evil bla bla bla $incomprehensiblejargon; "

Also Free software zealots:
"Lol this project won't last long"


Huh, Malmo looks like a real city unlike Vaxjo which is essentially a village masquerading as a city

If you use Vim and you think Vim is slow can I have some of the drugs you're taking

I don't feel cold anymore, I can't tell whether its because I acclimated to climate or I'm just too pissed off to feel cold anymore or a combination of the six

You know, I've been hearing from people that how swedes are rude and cold. I don't find them rude or cold in fact I find them rather humble and welcoming in their own way, however one thing that I noticed is they are...not....funny. I don't know if my fucked up sense of humor but swedes are not...funny like not funny at all.

Unless you get them drunk which makes them feel never ending love towards you. Hell the first swede I talked to after coming to uni was a drunk swede and he hugged me

When your website is artsy to the point of being utterly impractical then it's not a showcase of your abilities its just a showcase of how incapable you are at developing a website that people will actually be able to use

I mean you can insult me and make fun of me or whatever (there's no bad publicity in my case) but back up your notions with, I dunno, facts and the fact that people have different workflows?

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From all the DE's I have "experienced' over the years the only environments where I can actually be "productive" are Gnome, KDE and Xfce. Tiling wm's are not for me, finger cramps and all, its also the prime reason why I don't use Emacs anymore.

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