@Venn what the PG way of saying "English motherfucker, do you speak it?"

Probably something like "English you lover of mothers, do you speak it"

@jackiemoon@mastodon.xyz @strider go jump in the meat grinder please

@jackiemoon@mastodon.xyz @Venn @strider Given that I'm not french nor do I possess a monarchist complex, no I will not be switching my Name per se, my handle will remain the same though

@Venn Indeed it can, like the earth can yeet into the sun or anything can yeet into the sun and be done with it

@Venn That is entirely subjective a I find another transitive verb of the modern day youth, coequally term as *"yeet"* or its past or past participle counterpart *"yeeted"* to be equally fascinating

@Venn Lucky, all I get are those bland as hell Bell 206's with the occasional eurocopter which is essentially a flying plum lookin's thing

Me: applies for php dev job

Also Me: Gets a call for an interview

Interviewer: So you know php pretty well it seems

Me: Why yes I have been working with php since 2012 and over the years have worked on projects primarily made with laraval with an angular front end

Interviewer: Well that's good because WE WANT YOU TO WORK WITH JAVA WITH AN ORACLE BACKEND DB AND A FRONT END MADE WITH OUR CUSTOM IN HOUSE FRAMEWORK AND $thingsIhaveNeverEverWorkedWithAndIsGivenResponsibilityWithAVeryShortDeadline

@strider Well some of us are not fortunate enough to have state sponsored education

@strider That's true for most places I don't see whats the "🤣" for?

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