Jesus fuck youtube on android is full of ads in sweden, in Bangladesh I used to get at most 2-3 ads a month on mobile

Douche: I want to remove this package but I don't want to lose core functionalities
Me: Is that package conflicting with any other packages?
Douche: No I just want it gone, I like my system "clean"
Me: Just put your laptop in the washing machine and be done with it

Dipshit: I need a better alternative to gmail which respects a users privacy

Orn: why not use protonmail?

Dipshit: They are a for profit organization, I'd prefer if there is a provider that isn't for-profit

Orn:....You expect an organiztion which respects a users privacy very well and only charges on paid accounts to give you all the enterprise stuff for free?

Dipshit: yes


this is what happens when you let people with fuck all understanding about what ui/ux is """""develop""""" a website,

what an absolutely fucking atrocious website

When you need to re-purpose a monolithic tool for a giant project your clients tend to forget that it requires FUCKING TIME TO REPURPOSE A MONOLITHIC TOOL!

I just don't understand the irrational hate for electron, if it gets the job done and not sluggish, why hate it?, just because its a chromium window and made with html, css and the dreaded js?, I mean seriously why. If you have 16gigs and over, why hate it?

Why people surprised by this?. This could even happen to steam as well, hell even gog if you didn't save your library. People will take advantage of you if you **want too much convenience**

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