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Good. Artifact is released. You know what that means? It means that the next Valve game won't be a card game. (Oh please don't make another card game, oh please, please, please)

In the phrase "a part" , 'a' and 'part' are apart . But when 'a' and 'part' are no longer apart they become 'apart'

I've been on a huge Slipknot kick lately and I'm not sure why. My only guess is my headohones aren't garbage and I have access to decent quality copies now, so I can really appreciate the weird percussive shit they did.

I forgot a crucial aspect of moving my usage of things to based applications. I forgot a music player. I scoured the internet for an hour trying 4 different programs until I realized can play YouTube links. I suspect spotify links to, but I won't hold my breath if it doesn't work.

They do realize people used annotations for more than links, right?

On the bright side, once I've convinced a handful of people to use , I'll effectively never need to use anything outside of a terminal on my . The only exceptions are games, Gimp, and Blender if I get back into editng video. (yes, I actually use Blender for video editing)

Props to for conveneiently losing my registration snd leaving me stuck in purgatory for an hour 🙃

Let's hope this never happens to me again

Going to have ham on and bitch about life, because I'm a contrarian edgelord

At least I got the mash, stuffing, and gravy part right.

How loud is too loud? When I can hear you through MY headphones, you're too loud.

I mean, you don't charge $60 a pop for a gimped version of Lutris, and $20 for each arbitrary piece you broke off, so your model isn't quite the same.

Probably the last time I buy a cheap wireless adapter...Just couldn't handle the blazing speeds of...200k...and would drop to about 6k-8k...

Me: [Feels like listening to the Goo Goo Dolls once today]
Spotify: HEY! I hEaRd YoU lIKe R O C K!!!1! So we're going to make your home page N O T H I N G B U T R O C K!!!1!11!1ONE

Desktop Komputer has weefees now, so I'm going to start trying to stream on Sundays. I'm thinking 3ish EST (GMT -5)

Might just show off the Minecraft thing I was working on for the first one.

That feel when you have about 35% of a song stuck in your head, but you need to listen to the song before it, after it, and the song after that, totalling about 20 minutes, because otherwise it doesn't work.

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