Also kind of compelled to post normal shit here, since I want this to be a social network I enjoy using, not just what G+ was for me, a place to be a nerd.

Not even really sure I qualify amongst people who have been using Linux for about as long as I've been alive ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

@OrderlyUnicode the term normal is extremely subjective, like @linuxgnuru for example, for him chasing monkeys and gazelle's is pretty normal for him but not to the rest of us. Also you don't need to quality you just do what you do

It's really not about how long others have been using Linux. But more about that you are comfortable with your PC. Knowing that there are old geezers out there only means there's an impressive voluntary support network should one need it...

But most of all just have fun

I mean, I'm mostly comfortable with it? I'm 90% sure the issues I've been having are hardware failures

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