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Raspberry Pi foundation announces RISC-V foundation membership, Entroware launches a thread ripping workstation, Solus outlines their 2019 roadmap, and Pedro draws a picture.

Codeweavers explains WINE, blinky RGB is headed to the kernel, Hyundai joins Automotive Grade , and G-SYNC on _my_ Freesync ⁉️

Tis the season... for ! Google’s Chrome OS Camera app goes open source, a new non-linear video editor opens for testing and tracking motion with a Raspberry Pi.

Noisy Proton updates, Discord Store confirming support, highlights from Game Off 2018, and OpenSC2K is back, kinda. Another interesting week in the world of Linux indeed.

Another interesting week for . Steam kills Link, NVIDIA teases a TITAN of terror, Counter Strike gets a Danger Royale, and Epic hires the guy behind Steam Spy.

L33t hacker desktops, hidden Raspberry Pi’s, holiday gift ideas for nerds and a handy tool for making the web less blinky.

Thank you to Valve, Crossover, Mesa, Nvidia, Khronos Group, Feral Interactive, independent developers and everyone who helped make Linux the gaming platform we have today.

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