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I've heard that the drivers for the have been integrated with the Mesa sources. Once the v4.0 is released, you bet your ass I'm going to try to build it on a Raspberry Pi 4. @godotengine

I made another bite-sized . This week, I talk about why some companies don't want to upgrade to new shiny things, and some of the data that ad companies are taking off your mobile phone.

I'm watching a video from Techmoan ( and he mentions that he'd like to feature equipment like the Marantz PMD740 on his channel, but he doesn't have chops to show it off. Maybe @Venn could feature something on it?

This time, in My Interest This Week , I talk about a job interview with a side of scary, and a digital assistant in the same vein as Alexa or Siri, except free, open source, and without some of the bells and whistles.

If the virus , as a side effect, cured my , you bet your ass I would be the poster boy for that vaccine.

Refactoring code can be a pain in the neck sometimes. I'm trying to change the respawn mechanics in my game without it really affecting other scenes. I'll have to map that out or something.

Business owners only care about privacy and security when it hits the bottom line.

I did it again: I recorded another My Interests This Week episode. This time, I talked about the wonder that is backing up data, and I take a stab at how messy the Internet of Things can be.

Here's more development footage of my game Block Wars. At first, I tried debugging the goo shooting gun. But in the end, I just shot some targets.

The 3D Mario games a similar to the games. The levels are gated off, usually requiring power stars (Samus usually has to find a way to get to a certain sector). In Sunshine, Mario needs new nozzles to access levels, just like how Samus upgrades her suit to progress.

I worked in the grocery business for a long time. You meet nice (and mean) people, and you hear strange occurrences. In the early 2000s, they started playing newer pop hits. Years later, when they started playing Led Zeppelin and Black Sabbath, that's when I said, "I'm out".

I made another My Interests This Week episode. In this week's little episode, I talk about and that pandemic which seems to be in the news recently.

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It apparently took 3 people at to come up with this list.

It's bad. Real bad. #1 is SteamOS and it gets worse from there. Please you guys, inform yourself before actually steering people AWAY from Linux with suggestions like these.

Thank you, @fool, for making such witty posts and comments.

How do you handle the mask in a pandemic? 😷 Just like all human suffering, you get use to it. 😉

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Peertube question: Would leaving up a client like Transmission help with bandwidth for folks that are watching / downloading videos from an instance?

Here's a (poor) video where I look at some of the demos written by Sascha Willems for the Raspberry Pi. Watch and be amazed by the blurriness.

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Let it be known. I also volunteer to be one of 120.

„The director of wrote the President of Nigeria and asked him to pardon 13-year old Omar Farouq sentenced for 10 years imprisonment.

He declares he is ready to share part of the sentence.

'I cannot remain indifferent to this disgraceful sentence for humanity.'“

I cut my finger the other day and it's had a bandage on it for a while (don't worry, I replace the bandage). While I would like to do more with that finger, I should heed the words of Kurt Cobain, who wrote, "Take time with a wounded hand, because it likes to heal."

I've read that, in the U.S., the death toll from has risen to 200,000. In May, it was about 100,000. Time sure flies, doesn't it?😕

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