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When you see a soup can with a loose label, it may still be good. Remember: it's what's on the *inside* that counts, not the outside. So the soup may still be good.

I'm amazed so many people don't realize this. @kev Thank you for the link. The article on browser fingerprinting was very insightful.

@Venn Yeah, but it was probably added in post, which is what most of those studios did back in the day (actually, I think they still do that).

@brown121407 Wow, it also does pancakes? Those GNU people thought of *everything*. @Venn Yes it does, Adam.

@ohmi Dude, you forgot あ, う, お, and γˆγ€‚

@EdgarAllanFoe Well, it probably beats the Piranha Plant by a country mile.

You know you're in trouble when, after analyzing YouTube's recent actions and how they affect they business, you wonder, "Did I brush my teeth?"

@OnionBlaze Hmm, this needs either more fog, or zombies (goes great with tank controls).

Some old men collect and run model trains. Rod Stewart builds entire model cities.
Okay, it was just one. But that's pretty amazing.

@eforney Less acidic? I don't know, baking soda? πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ

@dougfane We need some of that sweet, sweet train. 😎 Though we need to get Koopa's ass off it.

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