When I was young and still learning the ropes, there was just one type of guy: That Guy. The rule was "Don't be That Guy," and in theory, any guy who followed this rule faithfully knew where he stood.

That theory, however, turned out to be inadequate, even naïve. Nowadays, scores of new types of guy are identified every week.

But the rule has remained in place, leading to confusion and error, since no guy can keep track of all the different kinds of guy he's meant to don't be.

A paradigm shift is needed.

It doesn't scale to just have a list of guys and an admonition to don't be any of them. And the most obvious rejoinder, to simplify the conundrum by refraining from being any type of guy at all, is not suitable for many people.

Indeed, as many are beginning to realize, a positive model seems the most promising direction in which to develop a next-generation system of guy-dance.

Guydance, like guidance, not... not dancing... that's something else.


Once again, @fool, you have graced is with your wisdom.

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