@Gargron Garbage fire. I’m hoping for a non-profit doing something like Patreon does. :/

@thomasfuchs @Gargron there is always Liberapay. They fixed the payment processing, but they do pay out at strange intervals.

@bobstechsite @thomasfuchs Liberapay can't make the jump to being a money transmitter, which prevents it from being a true Patreon replacement, especially for non-tech creators

@Gargron To be clear, Patreon isn't a licensed money transmitter anymore than we are. They probably use the same exception in US law that Gratipay used to argue that they're not required to get a license.

P.S. One of the reasons why Liberapay isn't a "true Patreon replacement" is simply that it's not our mission to be one.

@bobstechsite @thomasfuchs

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