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Got a nice comment from a passer-by about my shirt, on the way back from Tescos.

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Bye bye my trusty old GTX770 (Kepler) card. It was fun. Hello (cheaper-ish) Turing!!

In my local pub for dinner and a stiff drink. Found out my local pharmacy is closing down in August. It's been on the High Street for decades. Thoughts to Brian and his staff.

To who ever nuked fish in the office microwave this afternoon. Every one hates you.

Done the voting. Let's hope we can drive a "milkshake" through the septic heart of the far right this time. Let's give the Brexit and UKIP parties a bloody nose.

Reading up on getting Ubuntu onto Microsoft's Surface Pro machines (as the customer uses that hardware as their daily driver).

P.S. The Net-Security article is in French (Google Translate is your friend).


Been fart-arsing on Snapchat with their filters when this happened. Good Grief I'm beautiful!!!

Having a play with the Samsung DeX set up, while waiting on my next call. Looks good, but not sure if I would use it as a "daily driver".

Wondering if "The Rise Of Skywalker" is a worse title than "Attack Of The Clones".

I love old school Doctor Who, and "out of place" pics. So this tickled me on Twitter yesterday on several of the Doctor Who fan feeds. Enjoy. 🙂


The haul from Atomic Comics this afternoon. Now in my local for dinner and a pint or two.

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