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If Trump isn't prosecuted for crimes against humanity in 2021, I'm gonna be seriously pissed off. This scumbag needs to rot in jail.

I think the 5G/Covid-19 conspiracy theory loons are going to loose their minds, when they realise this. 🤯

Welcome again to Queue-cam. Live, undercover here at Goodmayes Tescos. 🌦

May include scenes of extreme queuing, and waiting about. 

Welcome to Queue-cam. Live from Goodmayes Tescos. Now using a new queue configuration. Strap in tight. It's going to be a wild ride!!!

Does extended use of hydroxychloroquine eventually trigger random bouts of explosive diarrhoea? Asking for a friend.

Line up for today's daily Covid-19 pandemic press conference revealed, here in the UK.

Credit to Happy Toast over at

Chuckie Egg: Tesco Social Distancing Panic Buying Edition.

Certainly made this olde ZX Spectrum user chuckle.

Contains scenes of queuing and general waiting. 

Hello, and welcome to Queue-cam!

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