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Credit to Happy Toast over at

Chuckie Egg: Tesco Social Distancing Panic Buying Edition.

Certainly made this olde ZX Spectrum user chuckle.

Contains scenes of queuing and general waiting. 

Hello, and welcome to Queue-cam!

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Whoever added the soundtrack to this Amazon PR video of Bezos inspecting the facilities is my personal hero for the day.

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Where's his head handles? He can't be a real Cyberman unless he has head handles.

Cringy video alert! 

Achievement unlocked!
Got my first 12 hour Twitter suspension for commenting on this old clip of Nigel Farage, in regard to rumours of him getting a knighthood.

To be fair the suggestion of the little girl decapitating the racist old fuck when she had the chance, might have been a stretch too far.

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