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@dasgeek What distro are you using? I've been reading that a lot of the recent distro releases have been having major problems with the new Ryzens. AMD are releasing new patches for motherboard BIOSes to remedy the issue.

Busy monitoring the trouble tickets on the trouble ticket system at work this afternoon.

I'm still waiting on your show, Cooking with Strider. 😉

Interesting article from Neowin about a new feature to Google Maps. Screen grab from the article of the London results.
Google launches crowdedness predictor and bus delay information on Google Maps : via @NeowinFeed

Colour me excited. (Hopefiully coming to Steam, and a possible heretic purchase.)
Bandai Namco announces One Punch Man game for Xbox One, PC, and PlayStation 4 : via @NeowinFeed

Not able to get the new Raspberry Pi yet. So settling for this! Apologies for not rotating the pic.

Looks like I'll be adding this to my gadgety shopping list for later in the year. Hope to get my mitts on one over the Summer

Got a nice comment from a passer-by about my shirt, on the way back from Tescos.

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Bye bye my trusty old GTX770 (Kepler) card. It was fun. Hello (cheaper-ish) Turing!!

In my local pub for dinner and a stiff drink. Found out my local pharmacy is closing down in August. It's been on the High Street for decades. Thoughts to Brian and his staff.

To who ever nuked fish in the office microwave this afternoon. Every one hates you.

Done the voting. Let's hope we can drive a "milkshake" through the septic heart of the far right this time. Let's give the Brexit and UKIP parties a bloody nose.

nigel farage, acab, milkshake 

@FuchsiaShock Guessing the local cocktail bar was stopped from selling cocktails by your local Police too. 🔥

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