Show more That is a lot of Iron-Bru. You must have had one hell of a sugar rush!!😜

Reading up on getting Ubuntu onto Microsoft's Surface Pro machines (as the customer uses that hardware as their daily driver).

P.S. The Net-Security article is in French (Google Translate is your friend).


Been fart-arsing on Snapchat with their filters when this happened. Good Grief I'm beautiful!!!

Having a play with the Samsung DeX set up, while waiting on my next call. Looks good, but not sure if I would use it as a "daily driver".

Wondering if "The Rise Of Skywalker" is a worse title than "Attack Of The Clones".

I love old school Doctor Who, and "out of place" pics. So this tickled me on Twitter yesterday on several of the Doctor Who fan feeds. Enjoy. 🙂


The haul from Atomic Comics this afternoon. Now in my local for dinner and a pint or two.

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work based grumble 

Just heard the Office Choir group rehearsing the song "The Lion Sleeps Tonight". I fear the poor lion is going to awake up with headache. 🦁

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"In summary ... 19.04 is the best version of Ubuntu in years". Awesome work from developers of all the applications, libraries, drivers and utilities & the kernel we ship, combined with strong leadership in the desktop team. Well done everyone! 🍾

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No spoilers honest guv! 

Managed to catch the first new episode of One Punch Man (season 2) last night. Loved it . The new animation house that took over from Madhouse, have done a decent job. Roll on Episode 2. 🙂

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