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Blimey!!! Viber has finally been updated for Ubuntu and Fedora. They took their bleedin' time.

@cybik Oopsy! Although there are blow hards still holding on to Win 7 for dear life.

Displaylink do a proprietary binary blob for their USB docks. Though I'd give it a try out. Running under Ubuntu 18.10 on the olde Fujitsu P series Lifebook.

This weekend's pull list from Atomic Comics. Now in my local waiting on my dinner.

Unwanted slurpee flavours.

Gammon tears. (Brexit edition)

Early dinner at CJs this afternoon. Looking at a progress bar while I back my shit up is kinda boring. Upgrade tomorrow on my mainbox. Bye bye Sandybridge. Hello Ryzen.

Are those turnips? Blackadder's Baldrick would be smitten.

Just thinking about all those Michael Jackson fans still in denial. They are so going to lose their shit when they find out Santa Claus doesn't exist either.

Just bought me a set of spudgers for work. Was a good boy, and used the Amazon affiliate link at LGC. 😊

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selfie, Bryce Youngquist 

Blimey!!! Is that your profile pic for LinkedIn?😉

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