This evening I am been mostly playing Chuckie Egg on the ⁨⁩ (via VICE emulator).🥚🥚

Lunchtime Manic Miner update. Made it to Eugene's Lair today.

American Werewolf In London was released 40 years ago today. One of the best films ever made (and that's the hill I choose to die on).

Could this be the light at the end of the tunnel?? At least for Europe, but I hope it is across the rest of the world eventually.

Currently playing Chair Simulator. Working fine under Proton so far.

Can't be arsed with Eurovision. Going back to (Sinclair) BASICs with added Plus D disk emulation.

Relearning how to program a 48 ZX Spectrum tonight using an emulator. Having fun and games with ZX MicroDrive commands, but I think I've picked it up. Small steps.

Damn you USB TV dongle!! I will have my digital HDTV channels!!

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